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Bringing Familiar Foods and adding my own Regional spin on the Outcome is how I describe my Culinary Style

Welcome to our tasty new concept, RagBag Bistro. What's most important is creating tasty dishes for the people of Colorado. It warms the heart to put a yummy smile on people's faces.

To Dig deeper you'll have to go back to Seattle 2014- that's when I completed my Associates in Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Seattle. Food has always been an integral part of my life, as my family has deep roots in the restaurant industry. My Grandparent's operated diners in the 50's and 60's. Both my parents have several years experience in the hospitality industry, some 80+ years combined. My Father, Chef Clifford, went on to open his own restaurant in Sacramento, CA in 1999. Sadly, In 2001 he abruptly passed away from liver cancer, and hence I followed in his steps to take over the culinary creativity and spirit that lives in my family. For as long as I can remember the ideas of hospitality have been instilled in me, and banquet rooms were my playgrounds.  

So where does my love for International Cuisine come from? Growing up in Northern California I was influenced from a early age to appreciate different regional cuisines from around the world. My favorite childhood desert involved walking to a small local Middle Eastern store and getting a piece of home made baklava. One of the most exotic and tastiest dishes I've ever had was when a family friend dived for Abalone off the shores of Mendocino. It was breaded and pan fried with a touch of lemon...a grown up dish for a girl of maybe 10; But i've always had a taste for great food, no matter it's context. Because those awesome foods brought about those ingrained memories, I am a firm believer that Great Food CAN Influence Great Things! As I venture into making my mark on Denver, I feel so blessed to be able to make food that warms the heart and meet great people along the way. Please join RagBag Bistro as it makes it's way to a parking lot near you :)

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